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Selene Castillo

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Motivated by her beautiful daughter, Selene works for First Bank of Colorado and is in pursuit of a career in real estate, and is currently serving Jurado Realty as an unlicensed personal assistant. While it can be challenging to balance motherhood, work, and pursuing her dreams, Selene has learned to navigate and balance through all of the hats she wears. In addition to all she does, her goal is to help as many families to achieve home ownership. Not only does she work to provide for her family, she works tirelessly to assist community members achieve the dream of financial stability and buying a home. She knows that it is more than buying a house, it is creating a safe space to call home for families. Selene understands the importance of a Realtor is to meet clients where they are and to be flexible with their schedules.

Interesting Facts about Selene

  • People call her Selena, Even though she loves to sing and dance with her daughter, she says she doesn’t actually sound like the Queen of Tejano Music
  • Selene is an avid runner; only on warm days though
  • Graduated from Greeley’s own Northridge High School

Motto: “We do not get older, we just get younger as time passes by.”


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