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Fernando Jurado

We are family-owned business and work with anyone in our community interested in selling or buying property. We are always informed and stay ahead of the trends. Feel free to reach us any time for any questions.

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With an entrepreneur spirit, Fernando lives a life of challenging the status quo and continues to succeed in all the endeavors he engages in, all while maintaining a passion to serve his community and has a compassionate purpose to help people of all walks of life to a sustainable future and home ownership. Before running one of the most successful realty companies that serves the Latino communities that serves in Northern Colorado, Fernando served his home state of Kansas as an Elected City Commissioner, served as a Case Manager for a Mental Health Center, and worked diligently working in the beef industry. His expertise is well rounded and has earned him the development of skill set to apply his knowledge base in all aspects of running Jurado Realty. Not only is Fernando hard working, he is culturally competent to work with a diverse population and understands that it is not enough to “sell” a house, but a Realtor must care about the buyers and sellers well-being, engagement in the process, and what motivates them to make decisions as important as buying and selling their homes. Not only does Fernando help you through the process, he will educate you on the ins and outs of financial wealth, budgeting, debt relief, and even connect you with the right handy-person to call when you need things done around your new home!


Fernando has a helping spirit too, if you want a new career or need to be pointed in the right direction to start a new business, he will offer his time and talent to assist you. A better you-makes a better community! He is at his best, when he helps you be your best too.  As Jurado Realty’s co-founder, along side his wife, Elsa, they have created a legacy for their children by building a strong connection with their community, utilizing their expertise in money management, home buying and selling, and having complete acceptance of all backgrounds and situations in life. They model that way for how to create relationships, build networks, and grow a business from the ground up. For them, it is more about helping others to achieve their dreams, starting with home-ownership. All three of their children have worked along side their parents, and will one day care on the family name with pride, confidence, and competence at Jurado Reality.

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