1709 9th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631

Our company

Jurado Realty enhances the experience of personal and financial navigation and achievement of those seeking homeownership. Whether buying or selling a home, Jurado Realty will ALWAYS be at YOUR SERVICE. We accomplish our mission by providing financial education, access, and affordability of home purchasing opportunities, cultivating financial wealth potential, fostering trusting and lasting relationships, connecting and collaborating with resources to strengthen our community, and empowering all walks of life; such as first-time home buyers, buyers with ITIN, DACA, and work permits for home ownership. Our family and your family working together will accomplish great things!

Our Vision

To provide accessibility and affordable housing to community members typically under-represented in home ownership by cultivating an inclusive space

Our Team

Fernando Jurado

With an entrepreneur spirit, Fernando lives a life of challenging the status quo and continues to succeed in all the endeavors he engages in, all while maintaining a passion to serve his community and has …

Vicente Vega

Raised in Northern Colorado, Greeley is more than a place to call home for Vicente. He is fully invested in the community to which he grew up in. To best serve his community, he understood that he needed to pave the way for …

Judith Duran

Judith Duran

Judith serves as a Realtor and the Office Manager for Jurado Realty. Not only has she learned from the best; her parents, the founders of Jurado Realty, she is entrusted by our community to lead by example in many realms …

Isaac Martinez

Isaac Martinez

Having been raised in Northern Colorado, Isaac Martinez is proud to call Greeley home for himself and his beautiful family. He is excited to be a part of the team at Jurado Realty in Greeley.

Selene Castillo

Motivated by her beautiful children, Selene has thrived in the real estate business. Being a spanish-speaker, she is able to understand your needs in your preferred language. Educating the people in Northern Colorado has been one of her focuses -making sure you know your buying/selling power.



Jurado Realty en la Feria de la Mujer

¡Nosotros en Jurado Realty nos divertimos al máximo el domingo, 14 de abril, en la feria de la mujer en el Island Grove! Nos pasamos un buen tiempo viendo clientes pasados y también conociendo gente nueva. Queremos felicitar el ganador de la tele, Carlos. Gracias a todos por visitarnos en nuestro puesto

Jurado Realty Expands to Kansas

Based out of Greeley, CO, Jurado Realty has opened their new office in Dodge City, Kansas. “We are pleased to bring the same service and dedication to the communities we serve”, stated Fernando Jurado, the founder of this real estate firm.